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Jungmin Ahn, M.S., EAMP

Jungmin Ahn graduated from Bastyr University in 2008. He has gained extensive knowledge and experience working with various doctors and healthcare professionals in the multi-disciplinary clinic settings.  He has an uncanny ability to treat your condition using both Western and Eastern medicine.

Jungmin specializes in auto Injury and pain relief.  He uses acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Asian manipulative therapy, Point injection and other therapies using the integrative and holistic approach. He guides the lifestyle modification with stretching, deep breathing, and dietary consultation because he believes most illnesses can be conquered with effective exercise, proper diet, and meditation. He tries to treat the root of illnesses by promoting the body’s self-correcting mechanisms to ultimately restore healthy body function.​


Education: Bastyr University  

- Owner at Silverlake Clinic - Acupuncture | Integrative Health

- Member of Ryu Soft tissue & Nerve Acupuncture 

- Member of Washington Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine Association

- Former EAMP at Rapha Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic

- Former EAMP at Painless Clinic working with a Neurologist

- Former director of Cornerstone Medical Services (a medical volunteer organization)

- Former medic in the orthopedic department at Changdong Army Hospital

Dr. Milad Meamarian is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in pain and stress relief. He assists patients in improving physical function and performance and in living their lives free from pain, trauma, and limitations. Using insight and logic, he identifies and resolves the unaddressed problems that keep people from achieving the results that they want. His experiences let him know that physical pain and limitation can have both physical and nonphysical causes and that both must be addressed to improve a problem.


He has been assisting patients using energetic medicine since 2003 and various physical medicine/bodywork techniques since 2011. His favorite modalities to use are craniosacral therapy and the Yuen Method®.  He is a certified Yuen Method® Consultant and is also proficient in Usui Reiki, Sheng Zhen Qigong, and homeopathic medicine. A session with Dr. Meamarian usually consists of gentle bodywork, through which he activates the body’s innate ability to repair, recover and return to a natural state of fitness and health. This is an instinctual capacity which all human beings have but which can be blocked by various sources and reasons—such as trauma, impaired communication between the body-mind-spirit system, or the accumulated effects of negative influences from the internal and external environment over the years. Clients often leave a session feeling relaxed, with less pain, stress and in balance with their emotions, thoughts and physical functioning. 

Milad Meamarian, ND