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What people say about Silverlake Clinic

Erik Sanders

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I was having pain issues after ankle surgery. The staff at Silverlake Clinic is tremendous."


"This is the best acupuncture clinic I've ever had. He is very gentle and also his treatment helps my pain tremendously. I had 5 car accident and went much other acupuncture clinics and chiropractors. However, their treatment was not that helped. I had suffered from chronic pain. With his 5 treatment l, it was gone. I would highly recommend the service here!!"


Mahlon Otero

"Jungmin helped me tremendously by loosening up my stiff shoulders and back in just one treatment. He is very gentle, and I was so relaxed I ended up taking a brief nap while resting on the table. The clinic is clean, the staff is friendly, and I'll definitely back."


Tiffany Kedrowski

"I have been un pain for years like level 9/10 pain now after a few appointments I am at a level 3 pain. He is fantastic. Actually listen to everything that is wrong me and try's to fix it."


Milly Romeijn-Stout

"Silverlake Acupuncture is one of the best. They are gentle, professional, and most of all effective! Within just a few sessions the pain I was feeling from previous ankle injuries was mitigated. A minor strain in my wrist was treated immediately in one session. I can finally get back to the athletic activities I love without pain."


Yvonne Taylor

"I can't say enough about Jungmin Ahn! He is an absolutely wonderful doctor, that is well trained and caring. He has treated me for headaches, back pain, sprained ankle, sciatica pain down my legs and a few other things. He is amazing and I would recommend him to everyone I know."


Einar Johnson

"Really great experience. Felt like the consultation was thorough and helped in the treatment later in the session. No pressure to purchase any supplements as I've had at other places which were nice. The acupuncture room was very clean and it was easy to relax while having the treatment. I came out feeling much better and I'm in a lot less pain than I was earlier. Overall a good experience and I'd recommend going here. I felt like I was treated as a person, not just a customer."

Brenda Ruiz

"The ‘calm’ begins the moment you walk through the door; the aroma of the essential oils and the Zen music instantly relax you, then you are taken back to your room. Jungmin Ahn listens and instinctively knows where to begin your treatment. You will not be disappointed"


Lauren Little Fitch

"In addition to being wonderful at what he does, Dr. Ahn is very attentive to detail, the patient is the highest priority, and the clinic is very welcoming and relaxing. Because of these reasons and many others, I would highly recommend Silverlake Clinic to everyone."

Nick Jamison

"First time for acupuncture. I have been in multiple car accidents and acupuncture is the first treatment that seems to let my mind and body return to its pre-accident form. I was well-received as a first timer with many questions and saw results after the first visit. If you are thinking about acupuncture you must give this place a shot."